Are you a fan of drinking an ice-cold beer while enjoying your favorite sport? When you are drinking and watching the game, you need to keep a clear mind – especially if you are betting at an online casino for real money. Drunk gambling is the worst type of gambling!  If so, then there are some steps you should take to make sure you practice right “booze control.” Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Stay hydrated

Make sure to drink enough water before your beer-drinking/sports-watching event. There are several benefits. It will help to prevent getting a beer belly and also help to reduce or even prevent a hangover.

  1. Remember your diet

If you’re on a diet, then you should make sure to manage your beer consumption effectively. One option could be light beer, although keep in mind they still have calories, so drinking 100 cans of light beer won’t help you to stick to your diet.

Another option is to drink non-light beer, but cut back on the quantity you drink. This will help to cut calories while allowing you to enjoy a few cold ones.

  1. Drink a glass of water between each beer

This will help to slow down your beer-chugging festivities. Did you know water is the only zero-calorie natural food? By drinking water between each can or bottle of beer, you’ll help to feel full. That, in turn, will help to slow down the time between each brewski.

  1. Eat while drinking

This is a key step if you want to stay full and absorb your alcohol better. The food you choose could be a full hamburger and fries meal, or great beer pairings including chips, peanuts, and pretzels.

Eating certain salty snacks, in particular, will help to enhance your beers. There are no right or wrong options, so it depends on the flavor and texture you want to enjoy. What’s most important is to make your beer/sports session as enjoyable as possible.


  1. Test before drinking

There are certain things that are an exact science, and your body’s alcohol level is one of them. Luckily there are some handy gadgets that can help to determine when you should call a taxi or Uber.

  1. Know when to stop

It’s important to know how much alcohol your body can handle. This differs based on various factors, but you know yourself better than anyone else. Not only should you know your limits, but just as important it’s critical to stop drinking beer when you’ve reached that point. Pro tip: It’s time to take a shot if you have to close one eye to see your mobile phone to place a bet on the game!

  1. Try other alcoholic beverages

Beer is easily one of the top alcoholic drinks to choose when watching your favorite sports. However, you could always try some other types of beverages to add some variety to your experience.

  1. Do your homework

There are certain types of beers that are better options in certain situations, whether you’re at the stadium/arena, in a bar, or at home. In each type of situation, certain types of beers tend to be better options than others.

  1. Sip, don’t gulp

It’s important to enjoy the entire experience of drinking beer, and especially if it’s a high-quality one. When you sip beer, you can enjoy the look, taste, and smell of different flavors. While this experience is more practical when drinking wine, it can also be done when drinking beer.