Are you looking for the best beer for your sports viewing? Whether you’re watching a live sporting event or catching the game from the comfort of your favorite La-Z-Boy chair, the key is to know which beer to choose to have the best experience. Here are some of the top considerations:


  1. Quality

As when selecting any other beverages, it’s important to consider the overall quality of beer. There are times when you might want to drink a cheap light beer, such as when you’re catching the game with your buddies.

That said, as a general rule, you should choose quality over quantity when selecting your beer. Just because a company claims to be the “king of beers” doesn’t mean it’s the best option.

There are many options including craft beer, German lagers, and Irish ales. Why these options will cost more money, they’re worthwhile regarding quality. There are even several sub-categories and brands to consider so make sure you do your research before shopping.


  1. Calories

This is important regarding your caloric intake. A few options include more light beers or fewer lagers/ales. This iscritical so that you can avoid drinking hundreds or even thousands of calories, and a beer belly.

When watching sporting events, there are other steps you can take besides reducing your actual caloric intake. They include drinking water or eating food, which will help to prevent the beer from causing unwanted health issues.

You could also even alternate each can/bottle/glass of beer with a glass of water. That will help you to feel fuller while drinking and reduce the number of beers you drink.

  1. Location

The place where you watch the sporting event should affect the beer you choose. That includes whether it’s at the stadium, at your home, or in a bar.


  1. Craft Beer

This is a great option if you want to enjoy a “traditional” beer while watching football, basketball, hockey, baseball, or curling. There’s some debate about whether or not microbreweries produce better beers than mass-produced beer makers.

It’s quite literally a matter of taste. If you want to enjoy an old-school flavor and texture of your beer, then you should consider craft beer.


  1. Price

Would you pay about 70 cents per ounce for you’re a beer? That’s about the cost you should expect to pay at a Philadelphia Eagles home game. There are other stadiums with sky-high prices, so it’s important to do the math to find out if you’re spending more than average at your local stadium or arena.

Then there’s the price of beer for “home games” that don’t require you to leave your house, apartment, or condo. There are several factors including the store, brand, brew, and so on. If you’re going to drink tons of beer during a sports event, it’s important to make the quantity/quality comparison. If you’re going to do some heavy drinking, then you might want to avoid premium beers. On the other hand, if you’re only going to have one or two beers, then you might want to pick top-notch quality.