Many sports fans would agree that beer and sporting events mix, but which ones are the heaviest drinkers? They include Boston and Philadelphia sports fans, as well as hockey and darts enthusiasts. Here are some other sports that seem to create the need to drink a can of beer:

  1. NASCAR fans

It’s safe to say that sports fans are enthusiastic about their favorite team or athlete. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be named after “fanatics.” However, it could be said that NASCAR fans take it to the next level.

Getting drunk at a NASCAR race is SOP. However, it doesn’t always have the best results. One fan learned that the hard way when he threw a beer at Jimmy Johnson after he won NASCAR’s All-Star auto race. He probably lost a bet drunk dialing on his mobile phone while doing a keg-stand in the parking lot.

It’s debatable whether a NASCAR is thrilling to watch, depending on who you talk to. However, it’s safe to say that NASCAR fans know how to enjoy the event, and it’s often with a cup of ice-cold beer.

  1. Soccer Fans

While soccer isn’t as big in the U.S. in other parts of the world, it’s safe to say that can of beer is often a part of the experience of watching a soccer game on TV or live.

In fact, it’s safe to say that beer and other alcohol has often caused a ruckus in the stadiums including fights and other rowdy behavior after drinking a lager.

  1. Cleveland Sports Fans

Cavs fans were ecstatic this year as their team won the city’s first major sports championship since 1964. That’s when the Cleveland Browns won the 1964 NFL Championship, which was during the pre-Super Bowl era. Half a century is a long time to wait for a championship, so it’s safe to say the city has drunk a lot of beer as a coping mechanism over the years.

The city’s sporting events have shown signs that it’s an alcohol-friendly one. An Indians game included 10-cent beer night in 1974, while fans threw beer bottles at referees in 2001 during a Browns game.

It’s unclear if these events were caused by drinking or related to the dry spell of pro championships. However, it’s safe to say it could be a sign the city isn’t just a fan of pro sports but also cold beer.

  1. College Sports Fans

Whether it’s football, basketball or baseball, tasty alcoholic beverages are often part of collegiate sports events. It goes without saying that beer and other liquor are a key component of college life. That includes live events including football and hoops games.

Studies show that alcohol is a major component of college sports event. That said, you don’t have to be a student to enjoy a few cold ones at a college sporting event.


  1. Football Fans

It’s no surprise that NFL fans are some of the most enthusiastic sports fans in the world. Besides the beer sold in the stadium, there’s also the tailgate parties before and after the game.

Tailgate parties are famous for their grilled meats and beer, so there’s no question that a cold brewsky is one of the top features of the events.