Which Sports Fans Drink the Most Beer?

Are you a fan of drinking beer and watching sports on TV? You probably have a favorite brew whether it’s a Guinness or light beer. Which sports should you consider watching when you’re getting hammered? Here are some of the spectator sports that cause the most the most beer consumption:


  1. Boston Sports Fans

Sports are big business in Boston, which is the home to famous pro teams including Boston Celtics and Boston Red Socks.

Did you know that Beantown has been ranked as the United States’ drunkest state? While the stat isn’t technically related tosports, it shows that drinking is a major part of Massachusetts’ largest city.


  1. Soccer Dads

There’s a lot of talk about soccer Moms, but fathers can be just as dedicated to their kids’ soccer leagues. There’s tons of yelling when parents are standing on the sideline and watching their son or daughter pass the soccer ball to a teammate or try to shoot it into the goal

While soccer is the most popular sport in the world, it’s not everyone’s favorite game. They also might not be a big fan of grade school leagues. What’s one to do? Well, one option is to bring a can of your favorite brewsky to the game. Even if you have to watch an hour-long game at least, you’ll have a tasty beverage to make the experience less dull if soccer’s not your all-time favorite sport.



  1. Hockey Fans

Hockey is already known for its team-wide fist fights, but are the fans just as rowdy? It’s safe to say that watching a live hockey sport is a completely different experience than watching one on TV since it takes the fun and excitement to the next level.

There’s even been a study that showed hockey fans drink more than all other sports fans.


  1. Darts Fans

This one might be surprising. Tossing sharp missile-looking objects at a corked board can be tons of fun, but why would dart enthusiasts be heavier drinkers than fans of other sports? It’s linked to people tossing the darts at the board.

There’s even the World Darts Championship, which can be an excuse to tip the cup and even have a blackout any stage of the competition. If you haven’t attended a live dartcompetition, then it could be argued you’re missing out. Even if you’re not a fan, if you enjoy drinking a glass of good beer then why not consider it for your next live sporting event?


  1. Philadelphia Sports Fans

Any sports fans who throw snowballs at Santa Claus might be candidates for alcoholics. There have been other questionable events. There’s Philly fans doing a corpse dance in the parking lot and Phillies fans who threw batteries at J.D. Drew in 1999.

This isn’t to say that everyone who participated in the questionable behavior was plastered when they took place, and Philadelphia sports fans are some of the most dedicated ones in the sports world. However, there’s a good chance that some of the fans had drunk one too many beers.

The Best Beer for Your Favorite Sports

Are you a big fan of drinking beer while watching football, basketball, hockey, or darts? If so, then it’s important to know which beers will help to make your experience the best it can be. Here are some of the best options:


  1. Stout Beer

This is a great option for watching sports from a bar. The name has nothing to do with the width of the mug you drink from, as it might suggest. This type of beer includes barley and different types of malt. It can also be made with oatmeal, which tends to create a slightly different flavor.

There are several types of beer made using this process. There are also different classifications of different types, so it’s important to do your research on stout beers before trying out ones for your sports-watching experiences.

The most famous kind is Irish stout, and it’s mostly made by Guinness. It’s also referred to as “dry stout.” However, in Ireland Murphy’s tends to be a more popular brand since Catholics first ran the company.


  1. Craft Beer

If you’re looking for “organic” beer if you will, this is the one. It involves old-school methods of beer brewing. The price tag of microbrewery beers are usually more expensive due to mass-produced beer, but if you’re looking high-quality beers it’s a great option.

Craft beers aren’t for everyone, so it depends on your personal palate. Many people like the flavor and texture of craft beers, so it depends on what you’re looking for in a brewsky.

One issue to keep in mind is that craft beers often aren’t pasteurized and might even be unfiltered. This can result in a cloudy appearance from the residence left after the brewing process. They might also lack the gasses that are used to keep the alcoholic beverages stable in bottle and kegs.


  1. Wheat Beer

This is an excellent option if you’re watching a sports event live. Some common varieties of this beer are German, Dutch, and Belgian. It includes a high quantity of wheat to barley, sometimes at least 50% of the ingredients.

There are even some sub-categories within each national wheat beer category. Make sure to do some research and testing to find the best choice for your sports-watching activities. They’re often named after the region where

they were brewed. This involves small tweaks of recipes, so it’s important to do your homework, so you’ll know exactly what you’re getting with a particular brew.


  1. Light Beer

The concept of drinking light beer can be very controversial among beer aficionados. However, it’s not a bad idea when you’re watching sports at home with some friends.

There are various factors to consider when selecting a light beer. The calories and alcohol content are some of the main ones. If you want to avoid getting hammered, then you’ll want a lower alcohol content, while a low-calorie content is a good option if you’re on a diet.

As when drinking other types of beer, flavor is king when selecting a light beer. Just because it’s light doesn’t mean it has to be flavorless.


Top Beer Control Tips for Watching Sports Events

Are you a fan of drinking an ice-cold beer while enjoying your favorite sport? When you are drinking and watching the game, you need to keep a clear mind – especially if you are betting at an online casino for real money. Drunk gambling is the worst type of gambling!  If so, then there are some steps you should take to make sure you practice right “booze control.” Here are some helpful tips to keep in mind:

  1. Stay hydrated

Make sure to drink enough water before your beer-drinking/sports-watching event. There are several benefits. It will help to prevent getting a beer belly and also help to reduce or even prevent a hangover.

  1. Remember your diet

If you’re on a diet, then you should make sure to manage your beer consumption effectively. One option could be light beer, although keep in mind they still have calories, so drinking 100 cans of light beer won’t help you to stick to your diet.

Another option is to drink non-light beer, but cut back on the quantity you drink. This will help to cut calories while allowing you to enjoy a few cold ones.

  1. Drink a glass of water between each beer

This will help to slow down your beer-chugging festivities. Did you know water is the only zero-calorie natural food? By drinking water between each can or bottle of beer, you’ll help to feel full. That, in turn, will help to slow down the time between each brewski.

  1. Eat while drinking

This is a key step if you want to stay full and absorb your alcohol better. The food you choose could be a full hamburger and fries meal, or great beer pairings including chips, peanuts, and pretzels.

Eating certain salty snacks, in particular, will help to enhance your beers. There are no right or wrong options, so it depends on the flavor and texture you want to enjoy. What’s most important is to make your beer/sports session as enjoyable as possible.


  1. Test before drinking

There are certain things that are an exact science, and your body’s alcohol level is one of them. Luckily there are some handy gadgets that can help to determine when you should call a taxi or Uber.

  1. Know when to stop

It’s important to know how much alcohol your body can handle. This differs based on various factors, but you know yourself better than anyone else. Not only should you know your limits, but just as important it’s critical to stop drinking beer when you’ve reached that point. Pro tip: It’s time to take a shot if you have to close one eye to see your mobile phone to place a bet on the game!

  1. Try other alcoholic beverages

Beer is easily one of the top alcoholic drinks to choose when watching your favorite sports. However, you could always try some other types of beverages to add some variety to your experience.

  1. Do your homework

There are certain types of beers that are better options in certain situations, whether you’re at the stadium/arena, in a bar, or at home. In each type of situation, certain types of beers tend to be better options than others.

  1. Sip, don’t gulp

It’s important to enjoy the entire experience of drinking beer, and especially if it’s a high-quality one. When you sip beer, you can enjoy the look, taste, and smell of different flavors. While this experience is more practical when drinking wine, it can also be done when drinking beer.

More Sports Fans Who Drink the Most Beer

Many sports fans would agree that beer and sporting events mix, but which ones are the heaviest drinkers? They include Boston and Philadelphia sports fans, as well as hockey and darts enthusiasts. Here are some other sports that seem to create the need to drink a can of beer:

  1. NASCAR fans

It’s safe to say that sports fans are enthusiastic about their favorite team or athlete. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be named after “fanatics.” However, it could be said that NASCAR fans take it to the next level.

Getting drunk at a NASCAR race is SOP. However, it doesn’t always have the best results. One fan learned that the hard way when he threw a beer at Jimmy Johnson after he won NASCAR’s All-Star auto race. He probably lost a bet drunk dialing on his mobile phone while doing a keg-stand in the parking lot.

It’s debatable whether a NASCAR is thrilling to watch, depending on who you talk to. However, it’s safe to say that NASCAR fans know how to enjoy the event, and it’s often with a cup of ice-cold beer.

  1. Soccer Fans

While soccer isn’t as big in the U.S. in other parts of the world, it’s safe to say that can of beer is often a part of the experience of watching a soccer game on TV or live.

In fact, it’s safe to say that beer and other alcohol has often caused a ruckus in the stadiums including fights and other rowdy behavior after drinking a lager.

  1. Cleveland Sports Fans

Cavs fans were ecstatic this year as their team won the city’s first major sports championship since 1964. That’s when the Cleveland Browns won the 1964 NFL Championship, which was during the pre-Super Bowl era. Half a century is a long time to wait for a championship, so it’s safe to say the city has drunk a lot of beer as a coping mechanism over the years.

The city’s sporting events have shown signs that it’s an alcohol-friendly one. An Indians game included 10-cent beer night in 1974, while fans threw beer bottles at referees in 2001 during a Browns game.

It’s unclear if these events were caused by drinking or related to the dry spell of pro championships. However, it’s safe to say it could be a sign the city isn’t just a fan of pro sports but also cold beer.

  1. College Sports Fans

Whether it’s football, basketball or baseball, tasty alcoholic beverages are often part of collegiate sports events. It goes without saying that beer and other liquor are a key component of college life. That includes live events including football and hoops games.

Studies show that alcohol is a major component of college sports event. That said, you don’t have to be a student to enjoy a few cold ones at a college sporting event.


  1. Football Fans

It’s no surprise that NFL fans are some of the most enthusiastic sports fans in the world. Besides the beer sold in the stadium, there’s also the tailgate parties before and after the game.

Tailgate parties are famous for their grilled meats and beer, so there’s no question that a cold brewsky is one of the top features of the events.

The Best Beer For Your Sports Viewing

Are you looking for the best beer for your sports viewing? Whether you’re watching a live sporting event or catching the game from the comfort of your favorite La-Z-Boy chair, the key is to know which beer to choose to have the best experience. Here are some of the top considerations:


  1. Quality

As when selecting any other beverages, it’s important to consider the overall quality of beer. There are times when you might want to drink a cheap light beer, such as when you’re catching the game with your buddies.

That said, as a general rule, you should choose quality over quantity when selecting your beer. Just because a company claims to be the “king of beers” doesn’t mean it’s the best option.

There are many options including craft beer, German lagers, and Irish ales. Why these options will cost more money, they’re worthwhile regarding quality. There are even several sub-categories and brands to consider so make sure you do your research before shopping.


  1. Calories

This is important regarding your caloric intake. A few options include more light beers or fewer lagers/ales. This iscritical so that you can avoid drinking hundreds or even thousands of calories, and a beer belly.

When watching sporting events, there are other steps you can take besides reducing your actual caloric intake. They include drinking water or eating food, which will help to prevent the beer from causing unwanted health issues.

You could also even alternate each can/bottle/glass of beer with a glass of water. That will help you to feel fuller while drinking and reduce the number of beers you drink.

  1. Location

The place where you watch the sporting event should affect the beer you choose. That includes whether it’s at the stadium, at your home, or in a bar.


  1. Craft Beer

This is a great option if you want to enjoy a “traditional” beer while watching football, basketball, hockey, baseball, or curling. There’s some debate about whether or not microbreweries produce better beers than mass-produced beer makers.

It’s quite literally a matter of taste. If you want to enjoy an old-school flavor and texture of your beer, then you should consider craft beer.


  1. Price

Would you pay about 70 cents per ounce for you’re a beer? That’s about the cost you should expect to pay at a Philadelphia Eagles home game. There are other stadiums with sky-high prices, so it’s important to do the math to find out if you’re spending more than average at your local stadium or arena.

Then there’s the price of beer for “home games” that don’t require you to leave your house, apartment, or condo. There are several factors including the store, brand, brew, and so on. If you’re going to drink tons of beer during a sports event, it’s important to make the quantity/quality comparison. If you’re going to do some heavy drinking, then you might want to avoid premium beers. On the other hand, if you’re only going to have one or two beers, then you might want to pick top-notch quality.


There Is Nothing Quite Like Enjoying The Super Bowl

It is a common tradition for Americans today to sit down with their families and friends to watch sporting events and other various events together. What is even more common is adding alcoholic beverages into the mix. There is nothing quite like enjoying your favorite time of year, the Super Bowl, and cracking open a few beers while eating buffalo wings, pretzels, and cheering on your favorite team.

What if we could consider doing this for other sports? Maybe even games like pool? It would be the next big thing that we could turn into a new tradition. Drinking while watching a pool tournament can be equally as fun as watching a football or baseball game.

There are various ways in current times to watch pool tournaments. Many people believe that the only way to do so is when it airs very late at night on television. With the technology we have today, it is possible to watch pool games online and stream them at any given time if there are people playing. There are websites and apps that make this possible. The play on words off of the very common site YouTube is the first pool streaming site, “Pokertube”.

This website makes it so that pool tournaments are available to viewers. Not only that, you can find anything and everything related to pool on this website. With various videos, documentaries, movies, etc. all based on pool, this site is sure to satisfy any pool enthusiasts’ expectations.

Another website, as well as application that is available, is Twitch. Twitch is an online video streaming source which hosts various types of video game and online game streaming. It is not exclusive to just, pool as it offers access to stream other games such as World of Warcraft, Call of Duty, Smite, and many others.

This site is very popular in the gaming industry because of the versatility it offers to its viewers. You can watch a few games of pool and then watch professionals play the video games that you love most. Twitch also allows you to interact with the streamers through live commenting on their videos in which often times, the professionals respond to you. This may not be the case with pool however, there is a chance that you will be able to talk to the players you love while they play your favorite game.